Sylvain Poirier's homepage

(this site is more developed in French than in English).

Here is a list of the main parts of this site:

1) Set theory and foundations of mathematics and physics : giving optimized presentations of the fundamental theories, for a faster initiation
2) Software project to make a better world
3) Philosophy (about religion and more)
4) My PhD work on Vassiliev invariants of links (on another page - that will only interest mathematicians specialised in knot theory - something of this work remains to be better written and published but I do not intend to make more research in this direction in the future.)

Ideas and software project for a better world

See the general summary of the project here: Infoliberalism
My money theory article draft.

Political details   (principles to make a free political order without governments using internet). Mostly as much developed in English than in French (except for remarks on money theory that are still only in French and that anyway I intend to develop in the future).

An idea of business model for copyleft projects development

Start of implementation: the trust-forum software project

See the project description to know the goals of this project: roughly, it is a new kind of web-based mailing system (unifying the concepts of webmail and forum) that will to put a final end to the spam problem and to provide a free dating service, using trust declarations between users. It will be under LGPL licence at sourceforge.
Sorry I have had bad luck with programmers. If you are a programmer and you want to help, you are welcome.
To have an idea of how it should work what it would be useful to, please see the user documentation.

(though not filling yet the complete initial plans; other parts will come later)


I a written some texts of philosophy in French, with only the below translated into English.
Here are the translated texts:

Criticism of Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God
Criticism of the Zeitgeist movement
Criticism of the foundations of Evangelical Christianity (with differents parts in linked pages - incomplete translation from the French)

Antispirituality site with a global presentation of my worldview (a rationalist one, answering to many essential questions that religions deal with)

Moral philosophy
The cult of the violent social paralysis

Singles Union, with a series of texts about the problem of loneliness.

In French I have many other texts, of maths, philosophy, economics...
Here are a few examples:
- My story together with many thoughts about the sense of life
- One metaphysics text (concepts of metaphysics about God and immateriality of the soul, addressed to the atheists that are interested to put in clear what this means);
- A text on chance, freedom and destiny. In particular, some argumentation about the role of chance in involuntary celibacy and its injustice is developed. -....

links page
E-mail : trustforum at For girls that may be interested to write me I put more info on myself here. And no, I don't think that all the insane people who would misinterpret this ad as any sign of a defect in my person, would anyhow deserve any care for me to try adapting my life to their views in any try to earn respect from their fucking eyes. They are all mere zombies conforming to the dominating madness of the world just like in the tale of the Emperor's New Clothes, so that standing up and denouncing this madness, no matter how ridiculous this may make me seem in foolish eyes, is for me a moral necessity that is not negociable, no matter what my direct interest may actually be. I know who I am, that I am a very good, wise and remarkably intelligent person, and those who know me know it too, so that other people who want to judge me otherwise just because they don't know me and don't want to understand life, can go fuck themselves.

Note (december 2007): I ALWAYS answer EMAIL MESSAGES (well, possibly except if a Christian person wants to reconvert me) ; this is preferred contact method for me, rather than facebook friends request or any invitation to register anywhere. If you did not receive a reply after you wrote me, please try again, or if it still doesn't work, write me a facebook message (profile.php?id=1071518302), though it's not my normal way of communicating. Thank you.