Sylvain Poirier's homepage

I have 3 main topics

1) Set theory and foundations of mathematics and physics : giving optimized presentations of the fundamental theories, for a faster initiation. See also my PhD work on Vassiliev invariants of links (on another page - that will only interest mathematicians specialised in knot theory - something of this work remains to be better written and published but I do not intend to make more research in this direction in the future.)
2) Philosophy, including : Criticism of Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God ; Criticism of the Zeitgeist movement ; Criticism of Evangelical Christianity, and much more. A smaller philosophical site on a specific topic : Singles Union (series of texts about the problem of loneliness).

3) Software project that aims to implement the concepts of Infoliberalism : a new political system based on freedom. without governments, with an online decentralized money system.

I had first developed my site in French but these pages are now old and not recently updated.

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E-mail : trustforum at For girls that may be interested to write me I put more info on myself here. And no, I don't care about all the insane people who would misinterpret this ad as any sign of a defect in me.