Building freedom - what "killer applications" can spread a free world order

This page is an echo to the BuildFreedom web site which contains good questions and probably much interesting material but at least one Very Bad Answer:
What is Free World Order ? - Quintessential Questions to Change the World (explaining the phrase "killer application").

My answer is that :

-  It seems that contrary to pure freedom principles in the form usually presented (free market with no regulation), the free political system I described here, as a kind of structure for self-regulation of the society, with a good sense of the general interest, is likely to be competitive on the very domain of political questions, so that it can be strong in front of the old political structures and quite more popular.
(It is less trivial but once explained it can be very clear to people that it should be a good, efficient and just system). Maybe a majority of the people to whom I told about it and who paid enough attention finally agreed.

- Once started, this system should be already a killer application in itself, as a system to provide a relatively secure information about who is honest (and who is not), and as a tool to find the honest people (if they belong to this network).

- Then, it can open many possiblilities of other applications based on this information.
Let us see a few of them:

The Internet Portal Activity

(This paragraph is a bit outdated as it was written before google and dmoz came on top. However, in some aspects we can still expect to do better).
Once the new system would contain a few thousands members, they can consider to make a free, honest and non-comercial Internet portal. Let us explain the added value it can have compared to what exists now.

Now, the Internet is dominated by the unfair commercial practices which are a parasite phenomenon. So many people are fed up with it and would be very happy to escape from it, like people are happy to come to Linux to escape Microsoft's unfair commercial practices.
I mean the dominance of advertising banners and the fact that so many Internet activities are managed for profit with no care for honesty.

An advertising banner, put according to a commercial logic (when the author of the site who puts it for money and not for his conviction), is a concrete nuisance for the public who is annoyed to get it
on the screen, and it is no benefit for the economy.
If one follows a commercial banner, necessarily it leads him to a company that is likely
to get profit from him, with a higher price than if if he had the honest information about which company offers the honest and cheap service.

And it is the same problem with portals: a commercial portal will make a higher profit if it accepts money from the unfair commercial companies (who ask for a higher price...) for putting them in good place, but this is unfair because it is a bad information service for the public who is not aware of this, and who does not access the information of what service would be better or cheaper.

So all this what is dominant now is just a war about

So people know this, they are fed up with it and would love to have the opportunity to get out of it and find usefull and relyable information about the available services on the market.
Therefore, I think that making a portal based on a security system to ensure the honesty and devotion of the authors to the public interest would be a killer application.

The honest services network

Then in the same way it can provide many diverse honest services whose particularity is also that the deep (humanly sincere, not formal) honesty is the very aspect of the service which gives it its value. I do not have ideas of all of them but you can imagine.
And all these honest services would be easily accessible from this honest portal.
So this portal would lead the people to everywhere selected in an honest way,
with the informations of
1) What are the sites whose honesty is guaranteed by the new system
2) What are the next ones the best or most likely to be honest because the public or
the members have a good exerience of them
3) the other ones not yet tried...
but trying will be at practically no cost because any member who tries a service for his own use, can make a report of the result that will be published or put as a vote in a database.

International business models

How the new system can take advantage from the hudge inequality of salaries between the nations, and make easier the online employment of third-world people with relatively low salaries for the service of western people.
The present business system is based on a direct-relation honesty checking, which does not allow for too geographically dispersed businesses.
The new system can be used to facilitate the international job market, helping the honest people to find one another online worldwide.
This way, the hard work of making an honest portal and other services will be compensated by the
possibility to pay third-world people to work for it using relatively low cotisations of the western activist members.

Raising the funds for generosity organizations

the generous projects suffer the problem of advertizing: many people would be likely to give money because they are generous, but finding which organizations to give to (that will make the best use of their money for the sake of mankind) would be a lot of trouble, as it is a very complicated problem, there are so many thousands of generosity organizations... so these organizations are forced by the circumstances to waste their efforts in some kinds of commercial stategies to catch the attention of the people, which is not a good logic.
The solution in my system is that this problem would be handled by some people specialized in studying this question in the name of a number of givers.

Virtual markets

One problem with virtual markets is when different virtual markets are in competition on the same market: whereas one virtual market can eventually approach perfection, a competition between several virtual markets cannot... so, the solution would be to produce THE perfect incarnation of every market one after the other, in the form of the best softwares and protocoles written by dedicated people for the general interest. An example is the "market" of love meetings, still dominated by heavy commercial behaviors (high prices and/or advertising) it is lengthy to repeat filling one's description on every site, only to discover at the end the uninteresting conditions of use.

The second problem with virtual markets is that sometimes we cannot know if the offer is really what it claims to be: if I pay for something, shall I really receive it ? Does it have the quality it claims to have ? Is it unrelated to any traffic of stolen objects ?
Extending our system to all sellers on such a market is then the solution. The same way to ensure that a given love meeting announce is not related to any procuring network.

Hosting and transportation

If you visit a town or a place where you hardly know anybody and you do not know the good hotels, how will you find a place to sleep, except with camping ? If there is a good database with all trusting relations, you can obtain easily the coordinates of the people that might host you, according to the fact they indirectly trust you and you trust them, and that they declared they propose a room to sleep for guests.
The same idea can apply for sharing seats in a car. Every such "transaction" will anyhow be registered before taking place.

A free currency system

The problem of making a free currency system would mathematically very complicated to define in all details so that it would be completely stable, fluid and coherent.
However, let us give a sketch of explanation of why this problem would be so much intricated with our new system.

- A currency system needs to have a guarantee system to ensure that nobody with a negative account can simply leave the system without paying his debt, so that the people with a positive account will be ensured to have the opportunity to buy services with their account.
More precisely, we cannot base this on any legal enforcement that would punish those who do not sell services to pay back their debt (negative account).
The only solution is to base this on the graph of trusting relations as we presented, but with many variables stating what amont of credit everyone grants to his friend, so that for whatever set of people would decide to stop paying their debt to the rest of the system, we can find other people still in the system with positive account that are accountable for them, and that would automatically be made to pay back all these debts without breaking anyway the logic of the system.
More mathematical details should be develop to ensure the stability of the system, but once it will be done, it should be much more competitive than the present banking system, offering better services at practically no cost.

- Conversely, the fact someone is monetarily accountable for someone else is a kind of guarantee that this declaration of trust is serious, so that this information can more easily be trusted by other people, with the guarantee to obtain a financial compensation from them in the case it would reveal misleading.
Here are the details of this money theory

Remark: the Build Freedom site's Very Bad Answer

That site choosed the full compromission with the worst imaginable commercial behaviour: promoting the pure swindle and disorder site named Big Booster (which has obviously nothing to do with building a free world order), not just on a banner but also everywhere in its core content, as if it was true and honest methods to earn much money.
Although it should be immediately clear to anybody with common sense that the "business opportunities" presented by Big Booster are just tales, the fact it is presented as serious all over the Build Freedom site (which also contains on the other hand much more serious and interesting documents), makes us wonder seriously about their motivation or mental health, or about whether of both aspects is in question.
What is most strange in it is that the member of this site which seems to make the most serious activity in it (, the author of the Quintessential Questions to Change the World , has the name BigBooster in the header of his emails, and the bottom of his email messages contains an advertising for the BigBooster site.

To comment in more details about Big Booster and its short-sightedness:

How can one believe such tales just comparable to the idea that everybody can surely earn his living up to millions just by playing in a casino and inviting everybody to do the same, whatever game one can invent there ?
Who will take care of agriculture and industries to provide physical living to all these players ?

The "free world order" built this way is but a jungle where everyone is trying to abuse (exploit the credulity of) everyone else making such a fuss that the sane-thinking people trying to work for serious production cannot make a step without being annoyed with such stupid advertisings.
And the claim that "As soon as we discover any major negative about any of these programs, they will be removed from the list. " is just ridiculous because it is mathematically obvious that all these
games will finally collapse as a pure loss for most members.

How can this be presented on equal footing with a serous construction of freedom, with serious money systems, and serious alternatives to the present economic and political structures to be profitable to everyone ?

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