Why I can't make use of OpenId for my project

For my project I have defined a Global login system functionality, that would work quite differently from OpenId, not harder, and much better. It would be a wrong idea to integrate OpenId instead. Possibly a subset of the openid underlying functionalities can be recycled but not the whole of it.
Here is why:

I want

One login on one site = many pseudos each usable over the network (openid has not this)
The user's home site centralises his information with its personal board because this will be useful. This includes the unified centralisation of the data of the different pseudos of the same user. In particular, while visiting any other site, a warning will be displayed if the user got a new message even if under another pseudo (and even if the user remains completely anonymous while browsing, by a temporary pseudo).
The ability to switch from total anonymity to some pseudo for posting a message or doing another operation (editing a wiki) in 2 clicks.

I don't want

The risk of being subject to scam because of some misfunctioning in the resolution of one's identity into an identity provider. I may rely on the DNS which is one resolution per server, but one resolution per user would be, I think, too much risk. The principle of being able to simply change one's identity provider while keeping the same identity, seems unsecure to me.
To have to log in again (typing identity and pass) to each other site one visits: it is tedious and unsecure. To log in once for all the web, then logout once for all the web, should be enough
Interoperability with a network where spammers can register at will, because it would bring spam into the sites of my network.
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