About me, looking for a wife

ma photoMy native language is French but I am also used with the English language.
My personality type is INTP-T

I am passioned with science as you can see on my web site (more developed in French, sorry - I understood general relativity theory at the age of 16 and then got bored at school) ; very dedicated to the search of truth, not bearing any compromise with it. Outside science, my subjects are as you can see on my site: metaphysics, economics and politics (to get rid of its current form), criticism of religion, moral philosophy... I finally came to strong but sometimes complex and very paradoxical conclusions of my long intellectual thoughts (and sometimes it's very funny ! indeed the truth is often very funny, and does not care of our conventions and what we call "serious"), where I can prove all what I claim and I can hardly hide when I see someone saying nonsenses. So I spend much time in my dreams and thoughs, and on internet, away from many people's interests - and travelling to search for love in vain, as long as I don't find. Calm, no smoking. In love (that I did not really experience) I would be affectionate, a little timid, very attached.
I can hardly be interested in common unimportant questions, so it is hard for me to find people to share interests with. Buts for tastes there will be much less difficulties: I am calm and patient, I just hope that I won't be bothered with smoke or disco music, not by intolerance but because I am very sensitive to this in particular.

I am rather free to travel for meeting. I still could not have any significant love relationship and it is a very painful situation. Why did happen, you may ask ??? Well, because of my passion for science, the society "advised" (in fact forced) me to dedicate my youth to "study" mathematics in the stupid standard curriculum, to get a stupid PHD of maths and then a stupid position of assistant professor in the stupid university system. Then it was already too late: all beautiful girls I found then already had boyfriends. Also, there was an incredible accumulation of incredible "miracles" that prevented me from finding love (yes, God hates me and thus forced me to hate him too !). So I had to waste the rest of my life depressing of loneliness and searching for love in vain, while I wished much better to dedicate it to science and to making the world better !

I imagine a future where I would stay at home most of the time to connect to internet, develop my ideas there and go on realizing my plans to change the world !

My activities: mainly internet; occasionnally swimming, walking, or listening to classical music. I don't like dogs and am allergic to cats.

So I seek for a girl that does not smoke either (or is ready to stop), without children and with less than 30 years old, quiet, beautiful (but I can't explain what it means for me so I need a photo to answer), to meet in view of considering to start a relationship of any kind, in particular marriage.

No requirement about income as my own one would be enough

But, let me explain two things:

To contact me or show me your picture, PLEASE don't tell me about your account in facebook, friendster, yahoo messenger nor any other "social network"

but please let me directly access your picture(s), either as email attachment or immediately visible on a precise URL included in your message, that would neither force me to register nor even to log in for access. NOT because I'm lazy loging in, but because:

I'm not only looking for physical beauty, but also for inner beauty too

Indeed, I wish to find a wise, sanely thinking girl, whose mind was not infected by the ridiculous commercial propaganda of the owners of "social networking" sites that pretend to better connect people while they are in fact doing exactly the contrary. So, wise people are people who understood that they had NO REASON to enter the trouble of being tempted to bother the people they want to introduce themselves to, by requesting them to do more than one operation to access the material (pictures) to be shared. Indeed, there is no better way to share things than to put them on standard public web hosting like the one of this site, if you have enough material or people to share it with, or otherwise simply send your material as email attachments. And there is currently no better way to contact and write each other online than email.

Well, of course I'm also interested with physical beauty. So what ? Most men are. A man who seems to not be interested in physical beauty is usually a liar. Therefore, a girl who won't accept a man just because he does not hide his sensitivity to physical beauty, is a girl only interested with liars. Therefore, this is a girl interested in internal ugliness. So why does she negatively judge a man for being sensitive to physical beauty, while she is searching herself for internal ugliness ??? Remember, my personality is not just about whether I'm sensitive to physical beauty or not. It's much more about a passion for knowledge. But my sensitivity to physical beauty is a problem because not many girls seem beautiful in my taste, so that spending time for considering a relationship with someone if I did not see the picture, would usually be a waste of time for both. I'm sorry for this technical trouble but you should understand that it's not my fault. So, please don't bother me with such ridiculous considerations, understand that I have much other aspects of personality than this, such as the fact I am not so supeficial but I take much more time and care than this before judging someone's character, and please send me a picture without makeup. Because I don't like makeup. Thank you.

Sorry, I have another condition

Before writing me, you must also please first read and understand my credo (many of the people I showed this credo to, liked it, yes yes, so it would be such a pity if you don't - no, precisely I'm not in a sect, and I don't want to be bothered by religious fanatics, so read this as a test of free thinking, thanks), and my replies to some of the usual holy stupid insults and false accusations that people very often send me when they are full of love and compassion to me. If you like that, and are fully ready, out of sincere understanding, to avoid bothering me with the faults I exposed in these pages, then you are welcome to write me. If you don't agree with this philosophy, please go away and don't bother me with your disagreement, anyway my position will not change at your request. Ifever you are interested to read and understand still more about my philosophy, you can also read this too (be careful, it's longer). Your understanding this can also be very helpful to facilitate a peaceful communication with me.
Thank you for your understanding.

Address : trustforum at gmail.com
In such conditions, I ALWAYS answer messages on this purpose. If you did not receive a reply after you wrote me, it means that there is a technical problem with email. Please make sure that your return email address is working, or try another mailbox. Thank you.

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Other photos of myself, nearly twice the same, new year 2006, high resolution, nearly 1Mb each, here and there.