Stop NATO! Links against NATO :

B92 web site

Text of the Rambouillet "agreement", in several pages or one long page

Serbian counter-proposal

Henry Kissinger, Doing Injury to History("unsustainable Rambouillet agreement")



World Socialist Web Site

Paul Watson's reports for Los Angeles Time

NATO bombing unleashes environmental catastrophe on Europe

NATO using depleted uranium weapons
Use of Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons by NATO forces in Yugoslavia

Links about the effects of depleted uranium in Irak:

The controversy over depleted uranium - Gulf War, the persistent menace of depleted uranium - depleted uranium - Depleted Understanding - Monstrous Birth Defects because of Depleted Uranium in the Food Chain - 16 British Gulf War veterans tested positive for depleted uranium contamination
Many tables of statistics at: Conference on Health and Environmental Consequences of Depleted Uranium used by U.S. and British forces in the 1991 Gulf War

Now, official informations on depleted uranium

The French version is much more developped; it includes some links in English).

English entry of my site: Take-off towards mathematical physics