Curriculum vitae

Surname: POIRIER
Names: Sylvain, André; Jean-Jacqiues
Born on June 21, 1974
Address: 3bis rue Auguste Dollfus, 76600 Le Havre, France.
E-mail: trustforum @

Other activities

1990: Programming of the Mandelbrot set in machine language (via the BASIC language)

 1990-1991: I wrote (for myself) a formulation of electromagnetism from a relativistic point of view, in my way starting from some hints found in books. Little afterwards I did the same kind of thing with Einstein's equation of general relativity theory. Then I had some ideas on spinors.

 1992: 2nd prize at the contest Kangaroo of Mathematics

 1993: 1st prize at the contest Kangaroo of Mathematics

1995: Special mention (instead of the prize) at the Fermat Junior Price of mathematics, for a new method of resolution of cubic equations:

 1998: Participation in the summer camp of mathematics for the youngs organised by the FFJM association.
1999: 2nd participation, where I presented the notions of spherical geometry and perspective, and let pupils do a little research.

Starting in 1994, continuing more since 2004 : development of personal web sites on the foundations of maths and physics, and on philosophy: